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Let’s close the gap between theoretical learning and practical application of 21st Century Skills to be fully prepared for future challenges. 100% online, real and relevant – for your organization, society and our planet.

This is your call to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

Sustainable Development Goals

Upgrade and apply 21st Century Skills - anywhere & anytime

Future challenges for organizations, society and our planet are waiting to be solved by new approaches

Learn 21st Century Skills Online
Creativity refers to thinking outside the box and divergent and allowing fresh and unconventional ideas.


Critical thinking refers to the ability to analyze information objectively and make a reasoned judgment.

Critical Thinking

Collaboration refers to finding effective and efficient ways of working together to achieve a common goal.


Agility refers to prototyping fast, adapting and reaction to changes effectively and allocating resources efficiently.


Communication refers to conveying ideas quickly & generative listening to create new opportunities.


Leadership refers to creating purpose and meaning, taking ownership, developing people and taking decisions.


Experience online Dynamic-Action-Learning

Combine personal growth with solving real challenges to create relevant impact

21st Century Skills

Hands-on application first. You will sharpen & apply 21st Century Skills while solving urgent challenges provided by real organization. Get input, apply and reflect.

Real Challenges

Deliver novel solutions. You will create and test prototypes to advance your organization, society and the planet. No games, simulations, case studies.

Flexible & Lifelong

Find your growth path. You will experience various learning and reflection opportunities which fulfill your personal needs best. Join a life-long learning community.

Realtime Facilitation

Get support on demand. Experienced facilitators accompany you with micro-input, coaching and reflection. Situational, thought provoking and actionable.

Start upgrading your 21st Century Skills

Get the right solution for your learning needs

Ensure learning is translated to organizational development and impact

21st Century Skills for Individual Learner

“I want to develop and learn to apply 21st Century Skills while solving meaningful challenges that matter. I also want to work with people from different cultures and that fully digital and flexible.”

Individual Learner

“We are looking for a digital learning solution that empowers and re-skills our people to master the challenges of the future. But they are fed up with theory, trainings and also simulations.”

Corporate Learning Manager
21st Century Skills for Students

“Our passion lies in preparing our students responsibly for their future. There must be a sustainable way to combine online learning with contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.”

School Principal

Organizations already upgraded their 21st Century Skills

Siemens upgraded 21st Century Skills
Daimler upgraded 21st Century Skills
ALU upgraded 21st Century Skills
Novo Nordisk upgraded 21st Century Skills
Swiss Re upgraded 21st Century Skills
KFW upgraded 21st Century Skills

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