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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people and organizations who want to contribute to society by solving 21st century challenges and who want to develop their mindset, skillset and toolbox as they do so.

About theMission and our traveler

Our #travelers

Our #travelers are organizations, leaders, high potentials, who have the ambition to contribute to something bigger than themselves. They see 21st century skills as the key and are willing to take on difficult challenges.


Our #hosts

Our #hosts believe that better solutions come from interdisciplinary teams and are open to creative ideas. They are willing to share their current challenges with others and trust that learning and problem solving are compatible.

Our Story

theMission was born with the idea of combining the proven Action Learning approach with the purpose of contributing to society. Through several intensive iterations and prototypes, the learning architecture has been continuously optimized.

The developments around the COVID-19 pandemic then gave the team the ultimate push and the final and determined conviction to move the project forward. After many encouraging phone calls, zoom- and webex-conferences and e-mail contacts with potential partners and customers, the confidence in the approach grew stronger.

Today, theMission proudly enables countless aspiring individuals and organizations around the world to take on relevant and difficult challenges and thereby contribute to society.

Our Team

Matthias Klein

Matthias Klein


“Everywhere we talk about learning. But to navigate through VUCA more effectively we need to talk about how to solve problems. That’s why we changed the order at theMission: 1st problem solving, 2nd learning & reflection.“
Guido Schnarwiler

Guido Schnarwiler


“If it were possible to make a contribution to the world as a better place with what I do best, then the tormenting question of purpose answers itself. With theMission I see a chance to do exactly this.“

Matthias Machunze

Matthias Machunze


“We need to integrate digital ways of leadership and collaboration seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event. That’s exactly what we are doing with theMission.“

Our #travel_guides


Cécile Stahl

New Ways of Working · Self-organization · Coaching · Mindfulness

Dynamic Action Learning Facilitator Markus Rettich

Markus Rettich

Change initiatives · Co-Creation with IMD, Harvard, Stanford, CCL


Patrice Goudin

Experiential Learning · Coaching · Strategic Consulting


Kip Garland

Disruptive innovation · Business Transformation · Cross-Cultural Collaboration


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