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Virtual Action-Learning Architecture
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We use Workplace to integrate our online Dynamic-Action-Learning Approach because it’s intuitive to use, offers lots of inspiring collaboration features and connects people to get missions accomplished.

At a glance

Any true value of Action-Learning can only be measured by its application in real situations. This is why theMission combines experiencing, learning and applying 21st Century Skills with solving 21st Century Challenges.

What to expect on a mission

On a mission you will work with people from different countries and organizations on a real challenge, an international organization is facing in the future. This challenge is also related to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN).

That means you won’t be working on a case study, fictional organizational case or theoretical question.

What's the outcome of a mission

  • Deliver a concrete concept and solution for an organization with a real and relevant need.
  • Have a crystal-clear action plan for your individual learning goals.
  • Have a various tool and skill set & and your own library.

Explore our online Dynamic-Action-Learning Architecture

On your mission you experience and master challenges to get to your final destination. That's why our learning approach combines four main areas to develop, grow and apply.

Experience Action-Learning in a Mission
Enroll in a mission

Move forward on your mission

The virtual mission group enables you to make progress on your mission in a structured step-by-step approach: Accomplish micro-challenges. Organize and run planning and review sessions. Receive and create timelines. Share documents and leave comments. Appreciate each others contribution to finally deliver solutions to the mission host.

Get the tools you need

The virtual training group provides you with practical and state-of-the-art techniques, tools and approaches you need to accomplish your current mission: Agile working methods like Scrum, Job to be Done and Design Thinking. How to navigate through VUCA. Establishing trust. Deep listening to your customer with Theory U and Stakeholder Analysis. And more to solve 21st Century Challenges.

Explore the Action-Learning Toolbox
Explore your personalized toolbox
We offer a unique Action-Learning Approach
Collaborate with people from all over the world

Collaborate, reflect and learn

This virtual reflection group gives you the necessary room and guidance to connect and grow as a team, deeply reflect on and capture your learnings during the mission, support each other and communicate on different channels within you team: Facilitated learning and reflection sessions. Sharing live videos about your learnings and insights. Master micro-discoveries to understand team-dynamics and create new opportunities.

Organize yourself

Organize yourself and get an overview about all relevant meetings and delivery deadlines. Connect with people outside your own mission and save relevant information, input or insights in your private library. Features: Newsfeed. Personal Calendar. People Directory. Resources. Personal Notes and Learning Library.

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